Condominium Pest Control

Condominiums are another example of multi-family housing that can encourage unwanted pests to move in and make themselves comfortable. Pests of all shapes and sizes can become an issue within condominiums as they make their way into cracks and crevices, attics and basements, and everything in between. If your condominium has become infested with pests, don’t […]

Apartments Pest Control

NeXterminate has been dedicated to keeping residential properties pest-free since 2015, we are proud to specialize in multi-family and apartment pest control services. The keys to effective apartment pest control is routine treatments, inspection, and prevention. Cockroaches & Apartment buildings The cockroach is one of the most common pest in homes and apartments alike. They’re unpleasant but […]

Home Pest Control

Pests can become a problem in any home for three main reasons: food, shelter, and water. Insects and rodents are always on the lookout for these. They will enter any property that might fit their needs if given the chance. No homeowner or tenant wants to deal with pests inside of their house, and it […]