Cockroaches: Clean all areas where roaches frequent; cabinets counter tops, sinks behind and under refrigerators stoves. Areas where cockroaches clusters you will see heavy black dots, make sure to clean this area thoroughly leaving nothing behind. All dead roaches should be cleaned and not left behind. In cases of a huge to moderate roaches a gel will be used for treatment. In cases of heavy infestation cabinets should be cleaned out and any other areas should be cleared of items as well. Treatments will consist of a spray, and will most likely need a re treatment as well.

Bedbugs: Most commercial treatment will most likely not work, and need professional treatment. 90% rubbing alcohol will be effective in killing any bedbugs it comes in contact with, but will not kill any that it does not come in contact with. Preparation before treatment is vital to making the treatment successful. Once you notice you have bedbugs do not hesitate to call or the problem will become worse. This treatment may take up to two or three times.

Mice: The most important part of treating mice is locating the hole that they come in and out of. Once this hole is found the success rate of treating the issue is very high. If you find this hole, tell the exterminator where it is located. Areas of the droppings should be noted and cleaned up.