FLEAS Exterminator


Adult fleas are small, wingless, brown to black, bloodsucking insects that are flattened from side to side. This shape allows them to move between the hairs on an animal. While they cannot fly they can jump as far as six inches.

More information about Fleas

Adult fleas obtain their blood meal from their hosts, which is their only source of food. While fleas can bite humans they can only nest in animals. Young children who crawl or spend a lot of time on the floor will get bitten almost anywhere. Adults will most likely get bitten around the ankles. Fleas may bite some people in a home and not others.

Adult male and female fleas live and breed on the host animal and feed on its blood. The female flea lays a few eggs each day which can add up to 200-400 eggs in her lifetime. Flea eggs will be concentrated where the animal spends a lot of time.

Common Places fleas are found

Where larvae are found include carpeting, furniture, animal bedding, dog houses, and under porches. Larvae need high humidity to survive which is why fleas are not such a problem indoors during the winter,


Application of pesticides to where the fleas have harbored both inside and out.

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