WATERBUGS Exterminator


American Cockroaches also are known as Waterbugs and they are the largest domestic species in the United States. Adults may be 1 to more than 1 1/2 inches long. They are red to reddish-brown and have wings covering their entire abdomen. Males are territorial and strong fliers.

A female will lay a capsule containing 14-16 eggs. She will produce 9-10 capsules during her lifetime.

Where they tend to live

American Cockroaches prefer warm, damp and dark areas. They are found in and near sanitary storm sewers, storm drains, grease traps, steam pipes, damp pipe tunnels, moist areas around furnaces and heating ducts, and boiler rooms.


Decaying organic matter is their food of choice. They will also feed on book bindings, clothing, syrup, and other sweets. Adults can survive two to three months without food, but only a month without water.


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